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Case Study: How to partner with established Doctors


How did Aspivix secure three gynecological KOLs that will help them to successfully launch their product in Germany.

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Whitepaper: Digital Health Revenue Models


Description: A discussion of digital health reimbursement in the context of five different systems: basic insurance, private insurance, providers, patients and relatives, and industry.

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Case Study: LinkedIn Lead Generation


How strategic messagings and process discipline allowed Meotec to set-up a new sales channel and secure a Fortune 500 client.

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Case Study: Digital Health Go-To-Market


How adding the know-how and network of Peak Spirit was, as Sven Beichler puts it, "a big step forward towards our series A round, and one of our smartest investments of the previous year


Whitepaper: Value Proposition & Product-Market Fit for Health Tech


When less experienced innovators develop new products, they often assume that a good product is 80% a great idea and 20% sound execution, while from experience we think it's at least 50-50, if not 70-30! Here are our thoughts on how to get a great product-market fit first time.

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Whitepaper: Revenues Models for Health Tech


Based on our experience, we have compiled some examples of healthcare business model innovations that we find compelling and are much more likely to gain traction compared to purely outcome / quality-of-care-based improvements. We even summarised them for you here.

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Whitepaper: Go-To-Market for Health Tech


Having worked with thousands of corporate customers before being exposed to the concept of GTM, we didn’t realize until recently that there is so much confusion among early stage ventures about what a go-to-market strategy is or what it isn’t. Time to tidy up with some myths and hopefully shed some light on the topic.

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Whitepaper: Sales for Start-Ups


The most challenging aspect of every business is to design it to commercial viability and scale. The technology works, there is a sharp and motivated core team, it's financed... But then, more often than not, traction is disappointing. Our whitepaper provides you with some aspects of why this happens and what you can do to avoid it.

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Whitepaper: Quick & Dirty Guide to Business Model Validation


The failure to diligently develop and vet their business model is one of the classic mistakes of new ventures. In this whitepaper we cover some basic steps you can follow in order to get ahead of the curve and commercially de-risk your project.

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Whitepaper: Effective Use Case Management


Managing use cases effectively is harder, and much more time-consuming than most people think. This poses a huge problem for the prioritization of R&D, regulatory, and go-to-market strategy of ventures. Having worked with dozens of ventures in the health technology space on the subject, we're happy to share the process we evolved over time.

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Who Pays?

Slide Stack: 23 Payers in Swiss Health Care


Many health tech innovators are confused about the numerous payment systems and business models that transform clinical value into revenue streams. Here are our 23 most important buying centers / payers in the Swiss health system.

GTM Mistakes

Slide Stack: 15 Common GTM Mistakes


Built from our collective experience working with over 100+ start-ups, here are our top15 most common mistakes to avoid in your go-to-market project.

Digital mental health

Slide Stack: 10 Revenue Models for Digital Mental Health


Driven by increased awareness and catalyzed by COVID, more individuals, providers, public health officials, and employers are turning to digital solutions for mental health care. Here are 10 examples of business models in this space.

Pricing Principles

Slide Stack: 6 Key Pricing Principles 


Pricing novel products or services can be a big challenge. But finding the perfect pricing model from the very start tends to work only on paper. Here are 6 main factors influencing your pricing strategy.

Sales Commitments

Slide Stack: 5 Stages of Pre-Revenue Sales Commitments 


Obtaining pre-revenue sales commitments from customers is key to increase investability, validate your value proposition and pricing, and even create revenue streams before market entry. Here are 5 ways to secure that commitment. 

Market Size

Slide Stack: Market Size Analysis


Market size analysis - if done poorly, investors and partners will question the validity of your game plan altogether.Following these simple steps will help you land within the ballpark rather than on Mars.

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Slide Stack: You vs Current Standard of Care


Comparing yourself with the current standard of care is a powerful illustration vis-a-vis investors, customers, employees, and anybody else trying to grasp the essence of what you are trying to achieve. Find out why you need this slide in every pitch.

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Video: Market Segmentation in 2 Minutes


A short, sharp video explanation of market segmentation in (almost under) 2 minutes.

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