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Current and past clients:

  • Medical device companies

  • VC investors in healthcare and medical technology

  • Incubator programs for medtech/healthcare/eHealth start-ups

  • Healthcare service providers

  • B2B Start-Ups and SMEs with sales or strategy-related challenges

  • Individuals looking to invest in or start a new venture in a related field


Ongoing and completed projects:


  • Healthcare services franchise: Co-Founder, board-member

  • eHealth SME: board member

  • Be-advanced AG: Startup-Coach Medtech / Health Tech

  • Kickstart Accelerator: Accredited coach for eHealth vertical

  • Medtech SME: channel partner strategy, sales force design, compensation model, internationalization

  • Medtech SME: sales turnaround project and executive advisory

  • Medtech start-up: USA – launch strategy, internationalization, reimbursement strategy

  • Medtech start-up: Product-market-fit, business model design

  • eHealth start-up: product-market-fit, market research, reimbursement strategy

  • eHealth start-up: market research, outreach strategy, business model design

  • Sensing technology start-up: market research to enter healthcare market segment

  • EPFL Spin-Off: marketing & sales strategy, advisory board

  • ETHZ Spin-Off: Sales strategy advisory, sales force design

  • ETHZ Spin-Off: Go-to-market strategy, value proposition design

  • ETHZ Spin-Off: Sales strategy, value proposition design

  • ETHZ Spin-Off: Sales strategy and organizational design, internationalization, channel partner strategy

  • ZHdK Spin-off: Sales strategy, sales force design and recruiting

  • Pharmaceutical supplies start-up - executive advisory to CEO in sales-related challenges

  • Life sciences start-up: executive advisory to CEO for US market entry

  • VC-backed medtech venture: executive advisory to head of sales in scale-up challenges

  • Commercial investor: market research for investments in healthcare

  • A number of VC investors: research and executive advisory for investments in healthcare

  • Healthcare service provider: marketing strategy for elective medical procedure

  • Healthcare service provider: launch strategy for telemedical procedure

  • Healthcare service provider: succession strategy

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