Executive Advisory

Having witnessed a large number of commercial challenges in early stage healthcare ventures as well as several turnarounds and reorganizations first hand, I feel privileged to share my experiences as an advisor to a number of executives in healthcare and health technology companies on an ongoing basis.


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Startup Coaching

Today, there is an abundance of coaches and accelerator programs. Having built, scaled and sold a medtech startup myself in my recent past, I exclusively focus on commercial topics and stay hands-on when working with early stage start-ups.

Organizational Development

When companies need to evolve quickly in order to stay competitive and survive, a careful balancing act between asset preservation and meaningful change needs to be found. I help executives keep both eyes on the target during that process.


Many investors I have met don't possess sufficient knowledge of neither the assets target market and its commercial feasibility, nor of best practices for oversight of healthcare ventures and entrepreneurship. I help investors bridge that gap.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When commercial organizations are reshuffled, the resulting loss of sales performance can be staggering. putting the whole endeavor at risk. Having been involved in a number of such projects, I help executives navigate through these testy waters.

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