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Are you stuck in one or more of the topics below and need an outsider's perspective? Do you need hands-on expertise, built on many years of painstaking, ground-up first-hand experience? Let´s discuss your current challenges and develop a working way forward, which I´ll help you execute and implement step by step.

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The definition of a product goes far beyond its technical specifications. Similarly, there is not a "customer" in healthcare - rather, buying centers often involve half a dozen or more different stakeholders, each with different goals and objectives.

Reimbursement & Business Model

Selling a product at a competitive price is not a business model. Rather, a great business model enhances crucial aspects of your customers economic optimization problem and allows for a pricing model that is entirely based on value-added, not costs.


A sound go-to-market strategy follows the technology adoption life cycle model and gets your venture ready for its first paying customers. Depending on the underlying technology, the process should be initiated at least 1-2 years before the actual launch.

Sales Growth

After initial traction shows that the business model is viable, it is time to build a sales engine that can scale from innovators and early adopters to the early market majority. This means reducing founder-dependence and professionalizing sales operations.

Commercial Turnaround

Is your sales team consistently falling short of their targets? Is there a widening gap between investors expectations and what you deem as feasible in the marketplace? Are you stuck in the chasm between early success and scalability? Let's talk.

Market Research

How much money did your main competitor make last year? In which countries did he get reimbursed? Who's dominating clinical KOLs? A huge chunk of information is publicly available if you put the right pieces together. Let me help you find those pieces.

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