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About Us

Peak Spirit provides full-service commercial advisory to ventures, accelerators and established companies in the health technology field (medtech, digital health, life sciences).

Built on the experience of more than 200 launch and sales scale-up projects in the industry, our work is driven by three fundamental convictions:


  • Market success equals impact. Your venture will not reach patients at scale if you don't have a pathway to profitability.

  • Commercialization is the crux. Most companies in health technology develop products or services that the market doesn't pay for. We are your personal insurance policy against that mistake.

  • Hands-on leads the way. That's why we deliver committed milestones rather than selling your billable time.

Meet The Team


Valentin Splett

Founder, Principal

  • MA Economics (UZH)

  • 13 years in business development of health tech

  • Experience from launch to scale up and exit as CCO of an ETHZ medtech spin-off

  • Board member of Visionary AG, lecturer in ehealth business model at FHGR


Siro Gottardi

  • BSc. in Biology (ETHZ)

  • MSc. in Technology, Economics and Management

  • 4 years in strategy and marketing of big pharma

HealthTech and  Life SciencesExpert